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  • Welcome to Eclipse Radio!

    Eclipsing All Others!

    We offer entertaining excitement with lively DJ's sending out the best music to the airwaves of the internet and interesting discussions and announcements involving those within the vast role-play community as well as items of interest for Portal of Dreams and doing so being a completely 100% legal radio station ... unlike several others!

    Requests & Dedications

    Latest News

    Eclipse Radio is hiring!

    Eclipse Radio is looking to recruit some deejays to the team.

    If you are interested in applying to the team or think you may be, the application is located here:
    Eclipse Radio DJ Application

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always willing to answer any inquiries there may be.
    You can email us at with them, send along a board pm (if this method is used, please add the bcc to include all the station management team so we all receive it), or contact us on skype/discord if you have us there.

    We look forward to hearing from prospective candidates that would like to join the team!

    The Eclipse Radio Management Team,
    Salty Old Bastard - Station Manager
    Temptation - Assistant Manager
    Reaper - Assistant Manager

  • Eclipse Radio, with Dreamscape Radio as it's tried and proven reputation, foundation, and past broadcasts a broad mix of music genres, with priority given to the listener, role-player, and chatter communities even beyond the borders of Portal of Dreams as that's the bottom line and always will be.

    In this new age, our core principles for the station still hold true. We remain legal, and maintain quality and excellence at every turn, for our listeners and the community that take the time to enjoy Eclipse Radio in their online and offline lives. To help the role-play and chat communities come together and remember why they come online to begin with, to simply enjoy themselves without drama or hassles.

    Eclipse Radio is an all-volunteer station and compliments Portal of Dreams and other places. It adds that bit of awesomeness and atmospehere even to the chatter and role-player experience. We're here for you, our listeners, as you are why we do what we do and why we even exist and strive for excellence to begin with. All we will ever ask of in return of listeners, role-play sites, room leaders, and promotion clients/customers is to quite simply ... enjoy your Eclipse Radio experience and nothing less!

    Eclipse Management and Staff of Eclipse Radio - Blinky/Owner, Martin/Coding Overseer, Salty Old Bastard - Station Manager, Temptation - Assistant Station Manager, Reaper - Assistant Station Manager

    From The Listeners!

    Trouble "What do I like about Eclipse Radio? There are just so many things! The music for one.. you never know what you are gonna hear. The music is for -anyone- I swear all of the DJ's tend to play a bit of everything, and they take requests as well. Each day of the week with each turn of the DJ one day it could be pop, another hard rock, and even country... and from what I have heard with the new DJ's coming on the range will be even wider!"

    The Patient Wolf "There are several things about the Eclipse and the shows. The most important one is bringing the community(ies) together. We get to talk, relax and meet new people. We are exposed to a diverse range of music. Also, it is a unique concept and that too makes it special."

    Nymph "What do I love about Eclipse Radio, it's the music. It's how people will come together for a show, that well frankly, otherwise wouldn't be interacting. It's that whole inter-dimensional drama free zone. Every DJ has their own style, varying types of music, atmosphere...but everyone knows, even though I listen to all the DJs Reaper is the one that shoots me to the moon."

    Halcyon "I love listening to the shows because it introduces you to music genres you may not normally listen to that you may discover you, love. So of my favourite music/bands, have been introduced to me over the years by DJs here on Eclipse over the years. It's also a great way to listen to older music and be nostalgic over decades past, and get to know those in the community better."

    Sweetkisses "I started listening to Eclipse Radio a few years ago. Over those years i have been lucky to meet many of the DJ's. I'd listen to Eclipse Radio whether on my phone while commuting to work or at home while role playing. I enjoy the varied selections of music from the Dj's. It's even more enjoyable when a DJ's go on the air while in a room The playing of trivia games. DJ Reapers rocking the airwaves while taking listeners on a road trip around POD is one my favorite events. DJ Mudgets Show where she plays playlists from listeners, and the general chatter with patrons of POD who come from many areas on and off of POD.. "

    Kimmy "I really enjoy the DJ shows when I can catch them ...they bring me up when I am down and usually when I send in a request they play it for me and I really appreciate that ! Thanks!"

    Pocket Dragon "I like listening to the station because the music is never ending, different and always a new group or song I haven’t heard of yet. It puts voices to those we know as Deejays and friends.. hanging out in the POD club room brings everyone who normally wouldn’t get together in and rp environment together to chat and find out about others taste in music. When I have the station on it plays thru my house and my kids who have grown up on me roleplaying and know the site by now.. the only online station we listen to is PoD's."

    Freya "I enjoy listening to the station for the wide range of music played. Each DJ brings their own unique personality and music genre preferences to each show, which is always enjoyable to listen to. I love the ability to request a song! It's so easy to get a DJ to play a song for someone special or just because you are in the mood!"

    Cotton Candi Classics "Tuning into the station is kinda like walking into a surprise birthday party. You have no idea who's going to be there, what the theme is going to be this time, or what kinda goodies await to be explored, but you know it's guaranteed to be a lot more fun than sitting at home alone, in the dark, channel surfing the same reruns on the television set for the third night in a row. And the best part? Their host is someone you know. It's like walking into a club and being friends with the popular Deejay that's up there spinning for the crowd. With continuous music, fast tracking requests, and no tedious commercials or weather reports, there isn't a radio station out there that is more personally tuned then that of PoD’s. There's no runarounds, no needed downloads, and absolutely no confusion. What better way to wake you up, get you in the mood to interact and bring out the crazies then good tunes blaring away in your ear. Whether you're country or lean more towards that loud, throbbing, can’t hear the music behind the screaming junk people call tunes these days, the station has a Deejay with your flavor of noise. And whether your favorite Deejay is leading you into the beginning of another long week, or kicking off your weekend, you know that if you tune in during a show, the world just kinda melts away. Roleplay is an escape from reality. The station is an escape from your problems. A chance to drown yourself in free, flavored music from all genres, for all moods, and with all kinds of crazy ass Deejays dedicating their free time to helping you rock out, enjoy yourself, and for once, cut loose."

    Anne "Boonies" "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your radio station, Portal of Dreams. It's convenient to log on whenever I want and there is a real variety of music with not as much commercial interruption as other stations. I personally enjoy the 80's because that is my era growing up, but like most everything you play. Keep up the good work and I will certainly tell my friends to tune in!"

    Bryan "I love to listen to different types of music, and the best place to listen is PoD's station's Wide variety of today's and yesterday's hits!"

    Roger "I tune in on my phone and love the shows and how I can listen at anytime, dj or not. There's enough variety and the special shows that make me keep coming back for more."

    Dwayne "I love, love listening to the station and even have it on my phone playing when I'm at work. I have yet to find a deejay I don't like and even like listening when there isn't a deejay as the music isn't always the same old thing and I get a cool variety. I'm all for the station and one of its most faithful listeners!"

    Russ "The thing I like the most about when tuning into the station and the dj's is they always manage to play the music I know and enjoy and in some of the themed shows bring back the memories of songs I've always loved and even catch myself singing to them so the shows are always worth the wait and the time made to catch them."

  • Who's On The Air

    Tune into Eclipse Radio's awesome DJ's and hang out with them during their shows!

    Just check the schedule to the right to find out when your favorite DJ is on the air!

    Make sure to also tune into and check out our great floater DJ's as they take the airwaves at various times of the day!

    Our current floater DJ's are:
    DJ Salty Old Bastard, DJ Carnal, DJ Boomchicken, DJ Spectrum, DJ Vishous, DJ Firemaiden
    {DJ Carebear - In loving memory of}
    Click on the icons below to listen in whatever media player you happen to use or paste the provided station url link that works in any media player to the open url setting of your media player. (//
    If you have any issues please contact any member of the station staff to assist you in your Eclipse Radio experience.

    Our Schedule

    All hours are Eastern Standard Time

     DJ Puppet - 8pm to 11pm

    DJ Overlord - 8pm to 11pm EST

    DJ Temptation - 8pm to 11pm EST

    DJ Secretary - 8pm to 11pm EST

    DJ Bottom Dweller - 8pm to 11pm EST

    DJ Vapid - 9pm to 12am EST

    DJ Reaper - 8pm to 11pm EST
  • DJ Spotlight

    Each month we like to spotlight one of our talented DJ's, so that listeners can get to know them better and find out just what they're all about!

    Be sure to catch them on the air, and take a look at their forum! This months DJ in the Spotlight is Radio Eclipse's own....

    Our Dj's

    DJ Salty Old Bastard

    Who is DJ Salty Old Bastard? Well let me tell you a little story about a boy named Sue. more

    DJ Overlord

    So what to tell you about the Clown Overlord and his world... more

    DJ Temptation

    Come check out what DJ Temptation is all about...more

    DJ Secretary

    Come check out what DJ Secretary is all about...more

    DJ Bottom Dweller

    Come check out what DJ Bottom Dweller is all about...more

    DJ Vapid

    Come check out what DJ Vapid is all about...more

    DJ Reaper

    Come check out what DJ Reaper is all about...more

    DJ Firemaiden

    Come check out what DJ Firemaiden is all about...more

    DJ Puppet

    Come check out what DJ Puppet is all about...more

    DJ Carnal

    Come check out what DJ Carnal is all about...more

    DJ Boomchicken

    Come check out what DJ Boomchicken is all about...more

    DJ Spectrum

    Come check out what DJ Spectrum is all about...more

    DJ Vishous

    Come check out what DJ Vishous is all about...more

    DJ Carebear

    In loving memory of

  • DJ Application

    So you're interested in becoming a DJ for Eclipse Radio?
    If you can commit your time to the station then it's all about just enjoying yourself and giving your listeners what they want!

    Simply fill out the questions below in the message box on the right and send them along to us and we'll be in touch with you soonest!
    Thank you for your interest in Eclipse Radio, the station that eclipses all others!
    1. What is your desired DJ Name?
    2. What times are you able to DJ? [Please list times in EST]
    3. Do you have a Portal of Dreams membership?
    4. What are your preferred and favorite styles of Music?
    5. Have you ever DJ'd before? [If yes please state where and for how long, if no please skip to question 6]
    - 5a. Are you currently DJ'ing for an online radio station?
    - 5b. What programs are you familiar with for broadcasting?
    6. Do you already have a microphone? 7. What music downloading programs do you use or are you familar with?
    8. Are you able to provide us with a sound/voice demo or do you need help in doing and providing that?
    9. What is the best way to contact you? [Please provide a valid email address]

    Contact Us

    If you're a site, design house, room, etc. and you wish a promo of an event or just of who you are and what you do then by all means head to the Eclipse Radio forums and the promo request board and we'll be more than happy to take care of you as we're all about customer service and we ask for nothing in return for that service!

  • Disclaimer/Licensing

    The thoughts, opinions, and views expressed by any DJ of Eclipse Radio are their very own and do not necessarily respresent the opinions, views, or policies of Eclipse Radio or Portal of Dreams. If anyone wishes to lodge a complaint or have concerns addressed please send them to station management at Management Email or to Portal of Dreams/Eclipse Radio Owner, Martin Minogue at Owner Email

    Eclipse Radio is a 100% legal radio station, and all audio is licensed via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, US Copyright office and Soundexchange and station licensing can be obtained by contacting the Station Owner Martin Minogue

    This puts Eclipse Radio ahead of almost every internet radio station out there and is something that Eclipse Radio and Portal of Dreams takes very seriously. All dues are kept current to remain 100% legal, and we happily abide by all copyright and music licensing laws in the United States and other countries.

    Thank you.

    Station and Site Management of Eclipse Radio/Portal of Dreams